• Gathered Under Grace


My friend has been going through it. She's had a lot of stuff going on in the last year or so. Tragedy and loss. Real loss of family, relationships and security. A plethora of circumstances that would have floored the average person. She is not average. She is, however, superabundantly blessed and loved by our Father God. In the last few weeks circumstances have changed again. She and her family are once more facing circumstances that make the unknown scary. Yet, she stands as a strong example of not allowing fear and circumstances to change our confidence in God. He can see you through the worst of times and the best of times. She recently shared a story with me that showed me that her faith and hope is alive and well.

"I don't know why we are getting hit with all this right now, but we will not fall down because of it." Words of wisdom from this strong and beautiful friend. As she shared her trials and circumstances with me there are moments of quiet reflection and moments of steely resolve. And there was laughter! We shared, we cried and we laughed together over the many things that had tried to take her down. Here's just one:

It all started with happy, joyful thoughts of her son. His hamster (and their puppy) were to receive a surprise treat. She was full of excitement as she put the new items in his hamster cage and rushed off to work. When they got home, tragedy had stuck. You guessed it! In her excitement she had not closed the door to the cage. Tears ensued. (Moms can cry buckets when something like this happens) The little guy was missing. Overnight and hours of searching later, and he was still nowhere to be found. Frustration gives way to more tears and feelings of failure and hopelessness. Then the Ta-Da moment happens. The puppy comes to rescue. Without so much as a how-do-you-do, she manages to find the little guy within minutes. (And she didn't even try to eat the tasty little treat) Hallelujah! The hamster is so happy to be found that he lifts his little arms up in complete surrender and relief. Once he is returned to his cage (door securely fastened), he stuffs his little face and curls up in his cage exhausted and spent. All is right in the world.

You laugh, I laughed and she was laughing, but this was one of the easiest of all the hard moments that happened over the last year. Have you have ever been in this type of circumstance? Although these circumstances ended with laughter, it could have easily ended in tears. And there have been plenty of tears over the last months. But God! Grace, prayer and confident hope WILL see you through the worst of times and you can have laughter and joy in the midst of them. Even this week she sees circumstances that could cause others to fold up and retreat, but not her. She said these words this week, ‘it is going to be absolutely fine!!!’ Faith. Peace. Joy. Confident Hope. These are the things that will see you through circumstances that rock your world.

Philippians 1:19 AMP “For I know with confidence that this will turn out for my deliverance and spiritual well-being, through your prayers and the superabundant supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ which upholds me.”

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