• Gathered Under Grace


Today is one of those days. One of those days when I cling tightly to the promised land. The promised land of heaven.

I believe that heaven is real. A real place where believers of Jesus Christ will one day meet Him face to face.

2 Corinthians 5:8 NLT

"Yes, we are fully confident, and we would rather be away from these earthly bodies, for then we will be at home with the Lord."

Heaven. In the presence of the Lord. One day. One day we will meet Jesus face to face.

He said He was going to get our place ready for us. He assured us there would be room a plenty. Many rooms. He said He will come to get us. Meet us there at the door. Jesus told us we already know the way. "Don't worry. I've got your place ready. My Fathers House is a big place. Plenty of room. I will know when it's time to come get you. I will be there to meet you. You already know the way." (Peggy paraphrased).

John 14:1-4 NLT

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me. There is more than enough room in my Father’s home. If this were not so, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you? When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am. And you know the way to where I am going.”

Trust in Jesus. He's got this. He knows the way. After all He is the Way!

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