• Gathered Under Grace


Gratitude. Gratitude is an Attitude. We choose our attitudes. It has been a long week. A long week full of emotions; anxiety, fears, loss, grief and tears. Lots of tears. Realization. Change. And now to Transition. Change is an action; something happens to cause a change. Transition is our reaction to that change. I am now experiencing transition. It has been hard. There will be more tears. I could choose to be defeated, or I can choose Gratitude. I have decided I will choose Gratitude.

I am grateful that we arrived to be with our sister as she left this world. I am grateful to family and friends who prayed and offered words of encouragement, comfort and peace. I am grateful to my husband who preached a meaningful message at her memorial. I am grateful to her husband who has been so loving for so many years; for being by her side as her health was challenged and a hard battle was fought. I am grateful for his inclusive demeanor and love as we said goodbye to someone we all loved. I am grateful to my brother, sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces as we love and support each other through this transition.

I am grateful for a safe journey. I prayed that we would make a certain point before dark and we did. We shouted out in praise and gratitude to Jesus. We thanked Him for that blessing and continued safe travels. We are home. Two cars and 6 people. 500 plus miles one way. I am grateful that we arrived safe and sound. I am grateful that my schedule is clear tomorrow.

An Attitude of Gratitude. It is a choice. I choose to believe in the goodness and love of Jesus that will see us through the dark times and make a way for us to see the light. I have been singing "I Believe" all day. "I believe in God the Father. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in the Holy Spirit. Our God is three in one! I believe in the resurrection. That we will rise again. For I believe in the name of Jesus."

Psalm 95: 1-2 MSG

"Come, let’s shout praises to God, raise the roof for the Rock who saved us! Let’s march into his presence singing praises, lifting the rafters with our hymns!"


Deltona, FL, USA


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