• Gathered Under Grace


When you walk into a room what does your expression say to the people around you? What about your attitude? Does your grumpy grimace remind people of the Grinch before Cindy Lou Who melted his cold, cold heart? Who are you when you walk around in the world?

Do you give that parking spot you have been waiting for to the other car or do you blow your horn until everyone within range is deaf? Do you hold doors for other people or do you 'just let it go'? When someone holds the door for you, do you remember to say thank you? Are you polite? Do you remember your manners? Do you take the time to ask your wait staffs their name and tip them as well as you can? Does your grocery store staff smile when they see you or does everyone scurry for a hiding place? Do you return your cart to the cart corral? When you join your coworkers in the break room do they acknowledge your existence or decide they've already eaten enough and leave the room? Are you the grumpy grimacing Grinch to those you meet? Who are you to the world?

God has marked us (that's you and me) with blessings and grace. We should be smiling all the time. We have so much to be joyful about that it blesses everyone we meet. Your joyfulness should be felt and seen, changing the atmosphere wherever you go. Yes, we all have an off day here and there, but that should cause concern and make your friends and coworkers ask if you're doing ok. It shouldn't be the norm. They shouldn't expect the grumpy grimacing Grinch.

Have you ever heard someone laugh with joyful abandon and not joined them with at least a smile? Why do you think silly videos are all the rage. People want to be happy. People want to feel that kind of joy.

Your smile, your laughter and your joy should be contagious. Make it a point to spread your blessings and grace like a viral contagion. Spread the Joy of the Lord all over town. Be like Cindy Lou Who. Be contagious and a viral sensation. Spread the Joy!

Psalm 67: 1-2 MSG

"God, mark us with grace and blessing! Smile! The whole country will see how you work, all the godless nations see how you save."


Deltona, FL, USA


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