• Gathered Under Grace

Words Have Power

Proverbs 16:24 MSG

"Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body."

Words. It seems to be a reoccurring theme recently. Our words are powerful. Our words can be an instrument of inspiration or of destruction. Words, how we use them and how they are received, have an impact. Our words, whether they are to ourselves or to others, can have a lasting affect. Words have power.

Anyone, with today's ease of access to the internet, can spread a story easily and quickly. Hiding behind the anonymity of a computer or mobile device, some writers words can take the negative road on the internet super highway, thoughtlessly spreading fear and doubt. Their words, whether true or not, affect those who hear and see their message. Even a message of truth, positive at its core, can be delivered without a single positive attribute. The tide of fear and distrust that is spread can overwhelm thoughts and impact the judgement of readers. Condemning someone else, a group of people or even an entire culture is easy to do with thoughtless words. Words (even when speaking truth) given in a negative message, will have a negative affect. Words should encourage and inspire without leaving a negative footprint on someone's spirit.

Words are powerful. When sharing your words, use kindness and humility in your thought process and in your delivery. Ask yourself how you would hear and receive this message if you were the one reading it?

Did you know that not everything we read and hear on the internet is true? (Yes, that sentence was loaded with sarcasm.) Did you research the content before sending a 'truth' out on a trip down the computer super highway?

Seriously! Be smart. Validate.

Be like the Berean's (Acts 17:11). Yes, you can be open minded or prudent, thoughtful or concerned and still do your homework. Read it. Hear it. Search it. Research it. Validate it. Find out the truth for yourself. Here's a another idea. How about pray about it first. God can and will give you the nudge or the nay.

You can be the one, that one person on the crowded super highway, that one person that says "Wait, that's not truth". Be that one, that one example of words that speak with truth that is tempered with love. Truth and love. Your words should be kind. They should be like honey; soothing and sweet.

Words - Sweet and Healthy, good for the body and the soul.


Deltona, FL, USA


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