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We Love Because...

We love because He first loved us. No truer words have ever been spoken. God loves us so much that He sent His Son so the we could live with Him, forever. Because He first loved us...God loves us. Not because we did anything, or worked hard enough or any of the other million things you could list. God first loved us.

I have been reading through the books of John. First, Second and Third John. You know what the theme of these books are? Love. God's love, the love of Jesus and the love of the Holy Spirit. Love. Reaffirmed and reiterated over and over.

John writes to friends and family with positive thoughts of love and words of affirmation. John also cautions and corrects with positive words of love and affirmation. John speaks to sin, doubts and guilt with positive words of love and affirmation. God's perfect loves casts out fear and fills us with love. John, the beloved, the right hand man to Jesus; focused on love.

Whether we are correcting or encouraging, do all things with love. Positive words of love and affirmation. Do all that you do with love. Love. We love because He first loved us.

1 John 4:19 Voice

"We love because He has first loved us."

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