• Gathered Under Grace

Well Water

II was talking with someone the other day about having that feeling of not being good enough. I remember when that was me. Oh yeah! It was just today. Don't we all sometimes feel like we aren't measuring up to the standards that we see all around us? The woman at the well felt just like us. She was so far into self-recrimination that she avoided even coming in contact with others. Okay, you may say - well she was doing this or she was doing that, but we all have something that we aren't proud of in our lives. It may be a simple as eating that third cookie that we knew we shouldn't be eating or it could be as significant as what the Samaritan woman was going through. Thank God that we have a Savior who sees us, faults and all, mistakes and successes, as someone worthy to love.

Consider the moment when the woman came back to the well with all the people from her town. Can’t you just see the face of the woman shining with enthusiasm? This same woman who didn’t have much self esteem, who thought she would never be good enough, who thought she had never meant much to the townspeople, returning to her Lord with most of the town in tow? Can’t you envision the smile on her face? Can you see the smile on HIS face? Can you imagine how she felt engulfed in the light of His face? All that Joy!

The Joy in the knowing that other people will soon know freedom from the past as they come to know Jesus. The Joy in the knowing that He has so much to share that you cannot keep it to yourself. The Joy in the knowing that the overcoming Love of Jesus will save others as it has saved you. Can’t you see the Light of Jesus shining from her face, from her countenance?

How is the Well of Living Water affecting your life? Are you letting your light shine…wherever you are?

Thank God for seeing you today - wherever we are on your walk. Whether you are up the mountain singing with joy or down in a valley full of pain. Or maybe you are like the Samaritan woman, sitting on the sidelines full of self-recriminations and shame. Look up, because Jesus is there! He IS there at the well waiting for you! Come and get a cool drink and be refreshed.

John 4:26 MSG

“I am he,” said Jesus. “You don’t have to wait any longer or look any further.”


Deltona, FL, USA


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