• Gathered Under Grace

Ups and Downs

We all go through things. It's a human condition. It's a daily thing. Day after day. We go through things, and we change. We change our minds, we change our behaviors and we change our feelings. Every day. Every single day.

We all have relationships that can be challenging. We struggle with communication, with goals, with finances, with eventualities, and with love. Our relationships change. Our behaviors change. Our outlooks change. Our feelings change. Every day.

We feel happy or sad. We might be angry or glad. There could be turmoil or bliss. There may be loss or there might be renewal. We could be estatic or too tired to move. We might be in pain or running on fumes. We all have these feelings. Ups and downs. Our feelings are up and then our feelings are down. Changing. Every day.

We all have issues that we have to work through. Self esteem, control, humility, anger, arrogance, anxiety, and fear. This list is just a sampling of all the things we may have to combat on a daily basis. We all have something. Something that we are working our way through. Changing about ourselves. As we walk through these challenges we change and our behaviors change and our feelings fluctuate.

It's a daily challenge, our changing feelings. Part of that daily challenge is that our feelings will continue to change. Our feelings change as we change. Everyday. Sometimes, multiple times a day. We are all made up of somewhere between 50% to 75% water, so that makes us pretty fluid. Our feelings rise and fall with changes in our hormones, how much sleep we get, our outlooks, our environment and the other many varied things in our lives.

Here is the truth. We may change everyday, but Jesus Never Changes. Count on it. Depend on it. Bank on it! When you're stumbling around trying to sort out your feelings, Jesus is steadily holding on to you. Whether you're up or down, you can count on a steady God. When your feelings are getting the upper hand, reach out to His hand. Reach out and grab hold to His steadfast hand. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Jesus Never Changes.

Hebrews 13:8 MSG

"For Jesus doesn’t change—yesterday, today, tomorrow, he’s always totally himself."


Deltona, FL, USA


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