• Gathered Under Grace

Go Deeper

Go Deeper. We've heard the phrase, but what does it mean? Deeper.

Scary stuff to think about going in deeper. I'm a beach girl, so when I think about going deeper, I think of going into the ocean. The waves getting bigger, and maybe, knocking me down; and riding on the crest of the wave until it passes. Watching the waves and anticipating the next big one. Then waiting for the next new wave to appear. Going deeper and riding on the waves can be exhilarating or exhausting, depending on your point of view.

Beginning your walk into the waves is fun. A playful kick and a joyful jump and you're little bit deeper. You can stay there, in the kiddie section, safe in the knowledge that the waves won't overtake you. The deep is out there, but you're safe staying by the shore.

Waist high takes a bit more courage and strength. You could easily get knocked down, but if you ride the crest of wave you'll make it. Up and down with the crest. It's a learning process. Calculating the next wave. Preparing for the next rise and fall.

Until suddenly you reach the calm on the other side of the wave break. The calm is lovely. It invites you to dive deeper. You can float and play and enjoy the water. It's not at all scary. It's perfectly beautiful. Yet, there are also risks in the calm. The undertow can grab you, but if you swim parallel to the shore, you'll make it safely back to solid ground.

This 'going deeper' is a visual of our walk with Jesus. As new believers we are right there by the shore. Joyfully jumping in the water. Happy to be in relationship with Lord. We begin to go deeper into the Word and into relationship and conviction begins to happen. Ouch. Deep relationship.

That wave of conviction was bigger. You may feel your feet get knocked out from under you. It takes some time to figure out how to change your perspective from exhausted thrashing to exhilaration and wave riding. Ok. I need to change that, do this instead of that, wait for what's next, anticipate what's coming, and take whatever happens in stride. Learning to ride the waves. Go Deeper.

Then you reach the calm. Wow! Glorious calming waters of a deep relationship with Jesus. You're at the place where you are relating and relaxing in His presence. Trust is in the deeper relationship. Diving in, floating peacefully, swimming deeply in the Word. Yes, there are cautions to watch for as you go deeper. Tactics that the enemy uses to try and take us under; to try and get us thrashing about and fighting the waves. But they are just that, tactics. We have Jesus. He created the water and knows all the secrets of the deep.

It's scary to think about going deeper, because you think you'll go under, but you won't. Jesus will be there. Remember, Jesus is the guy who can walk on water. He can tell the wind and the waves to be still. Don't be afraid. Go deeper.

Isaiah 43:2a NLT

"When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown."



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