• Gathered Under Grace

Hangdog Blues

Psalm 25:1-2 MSG "My head is high, God, held high; I’m looking to you, God; No hangdog skulking for me." When our shoulders slump our eyes automatically look to the ground. When we get that forlorn and forgotten look in our body language, that's called 'hangdog skulking'. The 'nobody loves me, everybody hates me' blues. When you're feeling down and blue, that's God's hand lifting your chin. When things seem to be going crazy around you, that's God's hand holding you secure. God's hand lifting your countenance. God's hand lifting our chins up. God's hand on our lives.

'No hangdog skulking for me.' When the hangdog blues attack remember who holds you in Their hand. Eyes up and on the one who created the universe, who created the earth and the seas. Eyes up and on the one who has great plans in the works, great plans for you and for me. Eyes up and on the one who's love is eternal, who's love never ends. Eyes up. Chin up. Looking to God. He's got His hand on us. Hangdog blues? Chin up. Shoulders back. Eyes forward. Looking neither right, nor left, nor behind. Yesterday is over. Tomorrow is over the horizon. Today we have a choice. Choose to lift your eyes up. Choose to look at the path before you. Watching your step and marveling at the Majesty before you, in Awe of your Maker. Eyes up. Humble in your perspective and getting it in gear. Eyes up and thriving on the adventure. Yep. There's Joy right there.



Deltona, FL, USA


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