• Gathered Under Grace


In so many places that we look, as we read and study in the Old Testament, we can see a prophetic peek into the life of Jesus. Every single prophetic word and promise is completely fulfilled by the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Psalm 22:16-18 NIV "Dogs surround me, a pack of villains encircles me; they pierce my hands and my feet. All my bones are on display; people stare and gloat over me. They divide my clothes among them and cast lots for my garment." As you read the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) you will find this very scene described. Every detail is listed, as seen through the eye witness testimony of the disciples. Each item is detailed in each of the testimonials surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus. He was surrounded by His accusers. They beat Him so badly you could see His bones. He was crucified by piercing His hands and feet with nails. The soldiers on duty threw dice and divided up His clothes. The people; soldiers, citizens, priests and officials alike encircled Him; calling out insults and ridiculing Him throughout His death on the cross. Luke 24:44 NIV "He said to them, “This is what I told you while I was still with you: Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms.” Each prophetic word, every single time, each one is completely fulfilled in the Messiah. As you study the Word you'll find every kind of instance and insight into what was to come. You'll also discover that each promise is fulfilled in Jesus. Psalm 22:30-31 NIV "Posterity will serve him; future generations will be told about the Lord. They will proclaim his righteousness, declaring to a people yet unborn: He has done it!" 'Posterity will serve Him.' Yes and it's two thousand years later and we continue to proclaim the Name of the Lord. 'People will know about the Lord.' Today we utilize the internet, television and other technologies. Missionaries and ministries serve all over the world to reach and teach people and bring them into relationship with Jesus. 'Generations will be told about Him.' Generation after generation. We will continue to proclaim His righteousness. We will continue to declare His name over our children and their children and their children, just as the name of Jesus was declared over us, our parents and their parents. Generation after generation. 'Yes! He has done it! Jesus Christ is the fulfillment if our promised Messiah! It is because of His birth, life, death and resurrection that we are able to receive salvation; that we can be gifted with Mercy and Grace. It is because Jesus came to fulfill these very promises that we even have the opportunity to receive eternal salvation and forgiveness. Yes! The Name of Jesus will be preached to all nations, because Jesus is the fulfillment! He has done it! Spread the Word!



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