• Gathered Under Grace


One thing we all have in common is that we all think there is something weird about us. We all consider ourselves freaky in one way or another. She doesn't like her ears. He can't sleep without his special pillow. That one is sure he is never going to overcome his dyslexia. Her parents think she dresses weird. That young woman who thinks everyone only sees the dry side of her personality. That boy who doesn't understand why his mom has to be the one that always helps the entire neighborhood. That's us. Freaky and Weird. We are all a little bit weird. We all have those pesky things about ourselves that we think set us apart. Things that we think make us freaky. Something about ourselves, about how we look or grew up or .... whatever it is, it's something that we think is weird about us. Something that sets us apart. Yep. We are all freaky in one way or another. But...It shouldn't be all about our weirdness, it should be all about what we accomplish with our freaky selves. That girl who thinks her ears are too big will go on to design a line of jewelry. That guy who can't sleep without his holding pillow has compassion and empathy and his employees love him. That guy who has dyslexia invents an educational tool to assist those who struggle like he does. That weird dressing girl becomes a fashion designer. That dry idea girl invents a way to ensure clean water can be accessible. That boy whose mom was always helping someone else, becomes a child advocate and lifts children out of despair. We are all created special and specifically. Designed and intended for something that benefits someone or something here in this world. God created each of us to be unique. Fearfully and wonderfully made. Individuals with unique attributes and gifts that can, will, and do benefit the entire body of Christ. Ripples moving from one point to the next. Ripples of progress. Ripples of inspiration. Ripples of contentment. Ripples of happiness. Ripples that are moms and dads. Ripples that become public servants. Ripples that teach, lead and invent. Ripples that invest in others. Ripples. Yes, some of us are even destined to become the ripple that changes the face of the world. One of you weirdos may invent the next big thing that was inspired by your very own unique freakiness. Freak or unique. It's all about how we see ourselves. Every one of us, in our own special way is unique. Set apart and created on purpose. Purposefully made to be you. A master work of art. Ephesians 2:10 AMP "For we are His workmanship [His own master work, a work of art,] created in Christ Jesus [reborn from above—spiritually transformed, renewed, ready to be used] for good works, which God prepared [for us] beforehand [taking paths which He set,] so that we would walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us.]"



Deltona, FL, USA


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