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Thinking and Planning

If we are assigned a project at work, we begin the process by thinking and planning. We gather the necessary supplies and support. We get to work, assign specific tasks to specific people and we get the job done. We meet our commitment and the project is completed by the deadline. How about planning a wedding, a Christmas party or maybe your famous family reunion. Thinking and planning commence. You gather supplies and support. You assign tasks and you get the job done. Thanksgiving dinners don't just happen. We think, plan, prepare and shop. We assign tasks and assist each other. We show up and we show off our best dishes. Why is it, that when it comes to ministry assignments we can think and plan, and plan and think ourselves into doing nothing. We get the assignment and if we aren't careful, we can get stuck in the thinking and planning stage. We encounter a wall and instead of praying and looking for a solution when the roadblock hits, we stop working. Everything comes to a halt and progress is forgotten. I have seen it happen and I've been part of the story's challenges. Before we even get started good, it's all over. Yep. We can talk a good talk, but do we challenge ourselves to put our faith into action? Is God's provision for abundance something most of us consider when it comes to a ministry assignment? David did. He knew he wasn't the one who was going to build the temple, but he put a plan into action for the one who would. He prepared ahead. Way ahead of time. He thought things through and starting gathering provisions. He thought and he planned. When he found out that he wasn't going to get to build the temple, he could have given up. If he hit a roadblock while collecting supplies, he could have stopped. He knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the temple would be built. He knew God would provide abundance, so no matter what he encountered, he kept thinking, planning and participated in the eventual success of the assignment. If you've ever prepared for VBS, a conference or taken on a leadership role in a ministry project you know that roadblocks happen. It's not always smooth sailing. There are areas of preparation that take a lot of planning and thinking, and thinking and planning. In order to prepare for something big, we have to challenge ourselves to think bigger. Think abundance. Believe for abundance. Have faith that abundance is available. It reminds me of the 'Field of Dreams' motto. 'If we build it they will come.' Believe it. Include it in your preparations. Let the thinking and planning commence. If there's not enough money, come up with a fund raiser or consider an entrance fee. (FYI - most conferences have a fee) Maybe those same volunteers are getting tired and burned out. If volunteers are at a minimum, reach out to some new people. If supplies aren't available, ask for donations from local vendors. There are very ingenious people out there in your congregations that can turn something you thought was trash into useful and delightful treasures. Thinking and planning. Planning and thinking. Anything is possible with God. Yes we can, when we think and plan for abundance. 1 Chronicles 22:5 MSG "David was thinking, “My son Solomon is too young to plan ahead for this. But the sanctuary that is to be built for God has to be the greatest, the talk of all the nations; so I’ll get the construction materials together.” That’s why David prepared this huge stockpile of building materials before he died."

thinking and planning


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