• Gathered Under Grace

The Unexpected

In my family we have a time honored tradition of things breaking down on crowd gathering holidays. The bigger the crowd the bigger the crisis. The plumbing backs up, a major pipe bursts or something as equally horrendous. It's always exciting and horrible at the same time. One good thing is that there is usually a group effort solution approach with a positive outcome. Yesterday was Mothers Day, so my family is all working on the big meal. Most of the deliciousness is being prepared next door, but our oven is being utilized for banana bread. In case you didn't know, banana bread takes an hour to cook. The longer the oven was on the hotter and hotter it was getting inside the house. Weird. The AC is on. The ceiling fan is on. Ut-oh. That means the AC is on the fritz. Disaster. A house full of people coming in little to no time, with no AC and it's 90° outside. Not the best combination of circumstances. I did the initial assessment. I changed the filter and did the vinegar flush. We still had red lights flashing. My daughter and her husband began to take a look. Who knew that while working in sports management my daughter would become knowledgeable about HVAC systems. With her husband as handy right hand man to her expertise (and a great cook to boot) they had diagnosed the problem in no time. Surprise! Surprise! Mud-dobbers have decided to build a magnificent nest in the electrical panel of our air handler. Busted and broken into bits, but no AC function. Bummer but not a show stopper. Family, food and fun is the best, even when we are all warmer than we expected to be. Praise the Lord for ceiling fans, screens on our windows, and a cooling cross breeze today. Every day is a great day to respond to the unexpected with gratitude. Unexpected Blessings can happen every day too. Before nightfall the AC began to chug along again. 'Cool' and in more than one way! Gratitude is an attitude. Make it an action Word. Be cheerful no matter what. Thank God no matter what happens. It's the only way to live. 1 Thessalonians 5:16 MSG "Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live."

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Deltona, FL, USA


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