• Gathered Under Grace

The Ziklag Connection

Yesterday I learned that the name of that little USB that connects your wireless mouse to your computer is called a dongle. It sounds like a made up name to me. A strange name for an important connection. Here's another one. Ziklag. It sounds like a made up name, yet Ziklag is a very important connection too. 1 Samuel 30 tells us a story of anguish, surrender, strength and victory that is all centered around a place named Ziklag. David's covert campaign to enter enemy lines as allies has failed. David and his 600 men are headed back home to their families. When they reach Ziklag, they find that the entire town has been ransacked and all of their families have been taken as bounty. Anguish sets in. Deep despair and anguish. Six hundred men with wives, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. They have all been victimized. They are all filled with deep despair and anguish. What do they do?

1 Samuel 30:6 MSG "David strengthened himself with trust in his God." David chooses to strengthen himself in the Lord. He prayed and he connected with God. He sought direction and guidance. He encouraged his men in the Words of God and then they took back what had been taken. Victory replaced anguish.

What do you need a Ziklag connection? When anguish overtakes you, find your strength in the Lord. Connect with God. Seek His guidance and wisdom. Surrender yourself to His plan. When you follow His direction, you will find the victory in the situation.

What do you do when you need a Ziklag connection? Remember to connect with God, because He will never leave you. You may find yourself in a battle, but the end result will be victory. What do you do when you need a Ziklag connection? When you turn to God, anguish turns to surrender, and it is there that you find His strength. His strength is what brings the victory. Ziklag. A very important connection indeed.



Deltona, FL, USA


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