• Gathered Under Grace

Uphill Battles

Uphill battles are fierce. We can feel overwhelmed and overcome. We can strive and strive without success. One step forward quickly turns into three steps backwards. We push and push to no avail. Nothing seems to work. Being stuck in push mode is hard work. 2 Chronicles 20 tells the story of an uphill battle. King Jehoshaphat hears that multiple countries and nations are on the way to take them out. The King receives an intelligence report that 'a huge force is on its way to fight you'. King Jehoshaphat, and the people of Israel, are scared and overwhelmed. There’s no time to waste. It was a do or die situation. What do you do when it seems like you're stuck in push mode in an uphill battle? Jehoshaphat called for a nation wide fast. He gathered the people and pled with the Lord for help. He prayed and cried out for God's help. One of the people in the crowd, Jahaziel, was filled with the Spirit of God when he gave them this word. 2 Chronicles 20:15 NLT "... This is what the Lord says: Do not be afraid! Don’t be discouraged by this mighty army, for the battle is not yours, but God’s." Don't be afraid. I've got this. Whew! Jehoshaphat gathered his troops and they prepared to do battle. They believed and trusted that God would be there with them, so they sent a choir ahead of the army as they marched. Praises that declared 'Give thanks to the Lord. His faithful love endures forever'. Praises came before the battle occurred. Praises were moving before the army took a step. As soon as the praises rose from their lips, the approaching enemy encountered chaos, and the battle was over before it occurred. Every battle we face. Every trial we encounter. Every obstacle that tries to take us out. Every push we distribute against the mountain we are facing. Every battle tactics we think we should utilize. Before we move, praise should be echoing from our lips. Praise God and let Him handle the battle. Praise pushes obstacles out of the way. Praise that fills our lips with gratitude, will also repel our own discouragement. Before you move, Praise God.

#Praise #Adversity


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