• Gathered Under Grace

Spread Love

'Watch what God does, and then you do it.'

What a powerful insight into living. Our everyday life should be us trying our best to imitate God's love for us. How are we supposed to do that? By loving each other with compassion and mercy. Forgiving quickly and decisively. Trusting that each day, with God's help, we can become better then we were yesterday. Not to get something, because we've already gotten the best most extravagant gift possible. Love like that! Spread Love. They say that imitation is the highest compliment. Compliment God in and through your everyday lives. Ephesians 5:1-2 MSG "Watch what God does, and then you do it, like children who learn proper behavior from their parents. Mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with him and learn a life of love. Observe how Christ loved us. His love was not cautious but extravagant. He didn’t love in order to get something from us but to give everything of himself to us. Love like that."

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Deltona, FL, USA


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