• Gathered Under Grace

A Daily Walk

David had his moments. Running towards God, running away from Saul, out running his enemies and running into the thick of things. He was a 'man after God's own heart' and yet he wasn't always sure how things were going to turn out or how he was going to get there. Don't we all feel these things? Some days we are confident that God's got us right where we belong and the next day we wonder what God's really got in mind for us. That's all about us. God never changes, but we certainly do. We have lots of reasons for our transitory dispositions. We should have gone right instead of left. Our hormones are to blame. That person is out to cause us trouble. We didn't get enough sleep. We never should have made that decision. Numerous excuses, control issues, and a varied and thought provoking list of difficulties that we can apply to our circumstances. Yet ... even when WE don't listen ... even when WE get off track ... even when WE screw up ... God never changes. His unfailing Love always prevails. His Mercy and Grace always meet us wherever we are. Whether we are running towards Him or away from Him, He is there. You can count on that. God always gets us there...eventually. Eventually may take longer for some of us than others, but man, it's a great adventure in the making.

Make this verse a daily prayer. 'Use all of your skill to put me together; I can't wait to see your finished product.' Aren't you glad God's not finished with you yet? It's a daily walk. Hand and Hand with the Father. Psalm 25:21 MSG "Use all your skill to put me together; I wait to see your finished product."



Deltona, FL, USA


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