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Taste Testing

Have you ever cooked a meal that is absolutely delicious, but if people knew the ingredients, you're just not sure they would eat it? I have this recipe that combines mustard, bacon and dill pickles in beef. It's absolutely delicious, but dill pickles and mustard combined with bacon wrapped up in a beff roll? It sounds weird and looks even weirder, yet it is scrumptious. 'Just taste it' and I'll tell you what's in it afterwards, is always my advice. Taste it and you'll see that it's good. It is so good. That's the thing that God is saying here. Try it..it's really good. You may find that you have an attitude towards reading the Word. You may feel like you'd never understand it, so what's the point. You may think that the stories and examples are so out of touch with today's realities that it wouldn't have any impact on your life anyway. My advice is the same as with the dish that I described. Give it a try. Taste it and you'll see that it's good. It's so good. Do some taste testing. Taste a version and see if you like it. You may enjoy the NKJV or the NCV. You may really like the traditional KJV, or you might want to try the NIV. If you're not keen on NLT, try the MSG. The Voice, the Tree of Life, the New Standard or the Easy To Read version. From the Amplified to the Complete Jewish Bible. Compare them. Study the differences. Check out the commentaries. Look at the dictionaries. There are fabulous apps that are easy to use and navigate. There is definitely a version out there that will fit your tastebuds. Taste it and you'll see that it is good. It's so very very good. Psalm 34:8 MSG "Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see — how good God is. Blessed are you who run to him."

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