• Gathered Under Grace


My friend asked a question today that was very profound. 'Ever wonder why we are generous only at Christmas, Patriotic only on a holiday and Christian only in church?' Generosity, Patriotism and Christianity. Aren't they part and parcel of the same thing? To be a Christian means more than a word we call ourselves. It's a different way of being. Generosity is one of the many attributes of a Christian. In our country, we have the freedom to assemble for our faith. As Christians we should acknowledge, and be even more aware, that the freedom we have is based on our faith. It's not only a right, but a privilege to be a Christian in America. Our faith is most certainly connected to our freedom in that respect. Our fellow citizens have lived and died, for all of the many privileges that we enjoy today. We are free to live, and be, and do more because we are patriots. We are free to live, and be, and do more because we are from a country that celebrates our right to our faith. We are free to live, and be, and do more every single day of the year because of Jesus Christ. Celebrate every day and at ever opportunity, because of that privilege. No matter your country, you have freedom because of Jesus. Freedom isn't free, it came at a cost. Jesus died to set us free. For you and for me. My grandson said it best. 'You mean He died on purpose?' Yes. Yes, He did. Jesus died to give us the privilege of freedom in Him. Give generously, be patriotic and display your Christian character for all to see. Every day of the year. No special date or event required. Proverbs 14:34 "God-devotion makes a country strong; God-avoidance leaves people weak."



Deltona, FL, USA


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