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Summertime is the best time of year. At least it is when you're a kid. It's a time for making memories that will last a lifetime. I remember the fun times of my childhood summers. Fireflies and swimming. Running across fields and playing in the creek. Fishing and making homemade ice cream. Taking turns sitting on the lid while my Papa turned the crank on the ice cream churn. The lessons of sharing, kindness, forgiveness and love all rolled into days spent thinking about nothing in particular. Singing and laughing and fun. Summertime is the best time of year for your kids and grandkids today too. Today we might add iPads and Gameboys to the mix, but the premise is still the same. Running and laughter and joy about nothing in particular. Yet, we still make memories and share love lessons with them. Lessons on gratitude and sharing, kindness and forgiveness and love. The most important lesson is love. Love one another, because Jesus first loved us. Love lessons. Love is patient and kind, love isn't proud or rude, love doesn't keep track of our mistakes. Love never gives up and plays fair. Love always has plenty of faith and hope for the very best for one another. Love teaches us how to admit our mistakes, how to apologize and how to forgive. Yes, time outs may be needed to help get the lessons meaning across, but the joy of being loved is what they will remember. The love lessons of life that we share with our children. Our children include but are not limited to; our children, our children's children, our neighbors children and our church families children.

These love lessons will last a lifetime. They will remember these days the rest of their lives. Make the most of summertime. Have fun, laugh and enjoy the memories that fill your children with love and with lots of God's love lessons. Proverbs 22:6 MSG "Point your kids in the right direction— when they’re old they won’t be lost."

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Deltona, FL, USA


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