• Gathered Under Grace


There are so many things that we, as humans, find overwhelming. The climate of our culture today might be considered alarming, if you take the media at face value. In our own little corners of the world, we may not experience the societal behaviors that have been defined in the media. In fact, we may have developed friendships with our neighbors. We may have neighbors and be neighbors that have willingly helped one another through thick and thin. Our communities are thriving with arts and culture. Our families partake in activities and events within our familiar spaces. We have joyful moments and not so joyful moments, just like most people are subject to experience. We may not personally be experiencing the extreme ups and downs that have lead us to simply stand still in shock and dismay. Are we, as a people, really ready to throw caution to the wind in order to have it 'our way'? Do we really appreciate what is behind the need to believe the we have the right, that we are that correct or that justified in our stance, to discount someone else's rights? How did we come to the place that we are unable to have empathy for our fellow citizens? Shouldn't we expect more from ourselves and want more for all people? Humility. Humble yourself so that you might be able to see something besides your own perspective. The 'ME' attitude tends to attack differences, when we should all be reaching for our empathy cards instead. When we empathize, it doesn't mean we are a rug to be trod upon, it means we can choose to find value outside of our own perspective, outside of what might benefit us personally. Take the time to put yourself in someone else's shoes. Find a way, to find a way, to common ground. Connect with your fellow citizens, because we believe that Jesus is right. We, as a community, and as a community of believers, should believe and demonstrate that we are supposed to love one another. John 15:17 MSG "But remember the root command: Love one another." Together, we as a people, should expect and receive more that we have been able to achieve from one another lately. Love is one of the foundations of our belief system. Love is a commandment. One of two commandments specifically given to us by Jesus. #1 Love God. #2 Love one another. Love one another; not because we are right, but because He is. 

#Love #Humility


Deltona, FL, USA


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