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Be the Change

Our actions can change our surroundings. We are responsible for our own actions. If everything and everyone around you seems to be lacking in integrity, the beginning of the change towards integrity starts with you. It's not about being right or being wrong, it's about being righteous. Integrity stands smack dab in the middle of the path of righteousness. The tried and true path. Proverbs 2:20-21 MSG "So—join the company of good men and women, keep your feet on the tried-and-true paths. It’s the men who walk straight who will settle this land, the women with integrity who will last here." The tried and true path is all about integrity. Honesty, decency, trustworthiness and honor. Doing our best, to be our best, is what integrity is all about. It's not about cutting corners or taking the path of least resistance. It is, absolutely, about taking the high ground. Integrity is the high ground. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Let your no's mean no and your yes' mean yes. Follow through and finish what you start ... all the way to the end. Maintain good communication flow with others; answer email, texts and other forms of communication within a reasonable time frame. Be a safeguard for others to share their concerns/fears without the worry that it will be shared elsewhere. When you make a mistake, apologize quickly and forgive readily. Correct when necessary, without condemnation and with encouragement. Assist others as needed and do it well. Honor your word. Keep your promises. Smile often and laugh more. Love others because Jesus first loved us. It's our motto. In order to become a person with integrity, we have to act like a person with integrity. Be the person that you want to become. Change begins with the first step. Be the change that you want to see.

#Integrity #Honor


Deltona, FL, USA


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