• Gathered Under Grace


Psalm 9:9 MSG "God’s a safe-house for the battered, a sanctuary during bad times. The moment you arrive, you relax; you’re never sorry you knocked." As the day progressed yesterday, we saw more and more posts about #metoo. #metoo is a movement to protest against sexual harassment. In all it's forms, abuse is about power. We are all subject to the possibilities of abuse in our lives. It may be more physical for some of us. It may have been more verbal for others. It might be mental or sexual abuse for still others. Workplace, at home or within our communities, we can fall into the trap of abuse. Yes, there is evil in the world. We know it exists. Some of us may have come face to face with it. We can ask why did you allow this to happen to me God and the answer may come ... and it may not. Knowing who we are in Christ is what brings true restoration. This knowing brings about a new life within our hearts and minds. This knowing is the key that gives us power. Jesus restores your power through the power of the Cross.  If this is you, you at not alone. You are never alone. You have never been alone. It may feel isolating at times, but you can recover. You can overcome with God at your side. It's not an overnight journey, by any means, but it is achievable.  The Word tells us very clearly, in this verse and in so many more, that there is sanctuary for the abused and disheartened. There is a place of love and comfort. There is a place to release all the angst and relax your grip on the burden. There is. It's there. It's truly there. Seek it out. Call out and He will bring you through. Knock and He will answer. Reach out and you can, you will, find peace. No hashtag required.

#Restoration #GodsPresence


Deltona, FL, USA


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