• Gathered Under Grace

A Dad's Faith

As Jesus was heading towards Galilee, a government official sought Him out. In Capernaum, this official from king's court, heard that Jesus was in the area. He didn't know where Jesus was, mind you. He heard that Jesus was on the road, somewhere between Judea and Galilee. He went in search of Jesus. That day, somewhere between here and there, he was sure he would find Jesus. You see this government official's son was extremely ill. A fever of unknown origin had brought this child to the brink of death, when his father went in search of Jesus. It probably wasn't easy for this guy, this guy who worked for the king, to go out in search for Jesus. Yet he went, he searched, and he found who he was looking for. When he finally found Jesus, he said 'if you'll only come, I know he will be made well'. Jesus is exasperated and said 'Unless you people are dazzled by a miracle, you refuse to believe'. The dad, being a good dad, keeps on asking Jesus to come to his son. 'He'll live if you come. Come, it's a matter of life and death'. He keep on asking until Jesus interrupts him and says 'Your son lives'. That's all this dad needed to hear. Faith grabbed ahold of him, as he turned to rush home. His servants meet him in the road to tell him that his boy's fever had broken. 'When? When did the fever break?' His servant replied, 'It was at about 1:00 in the afternoon'. He knew in that moment. He wholeheartedly believed in that moment, because that was the exact moment that Jesus had said 'Your son lives'. John 4:53 MSG "That clinched it. Not only he, but his entire household believed." Not only the dad, but his entire household believed in Jesus. His wife, his children, his servants and all those associated with his household, they all believed because of one man's sense of purpose. That day when he left home, he had a purpose and a destination in mind. Jesus. That day when he set out on the road, He believed that Jesus was the answer to his dilemma. The tiniest kernal of Faith carried him towards Jesus, and fully fledged faith carried him home that day. The outcome of a single conversation with Jesus, enabled his faith to be shared throughout his household. Conversations with Jesus are powerful. Talk to Him.


Deltona, FL, USA


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