• Gathered Under Grace


Organizing my mind helps me clarify my thoughts. Lists and spreadsheets help make organizing those thoughts easier. Color coding deepens and strengthens the clarity for me. The various choices become more distinct, as the organization helps clarify all the options. Their different impacts and the possibilities for a positive outcome become much clear. The resulting choices are prayed over, dissected, prayed over some more, and as a result of this process, decisions are made and implemented. That's my process. It may not be yours. Each of us approaches the decision making process differently. Clarity is a process that is individual and distinct within each of us. The guiding force, however, remains the same. The Holy Spirit. Psalm‬ ‭143:10‬ ‭MSG‬‬ “Teach me how to live to please you, because you’re my God. Lead me by your blessed Spirit into cleared and level pastureland.” ‭‭ When we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us, we gain clarity. His leading is something that each of us deeply need in our lives. When Holy Spirit leads us, we will find our way through any obstacle. That journey may take us up and over an issue, on an unforeseen trip around a problem, or He may take us headfirst, directly through a storm. However He leads you, follow.

Clarity is defined as a quality of being easy to see or hear. Staying in constant communication with the Lord makes our every day journey clearer and easier. Listen closely and watch for directions. There is so much more joy in the journey when Jesus is in the drivers seat. Let Him lead. He definitely clarifies our options.  

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Deltona, FL, USA


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