• Gathered Under Grace

Big Red

Bad stuff keeps happening. Weeks of the same 'this is just not working' happenings, and we can't figure out what is going on. 'What's the deal?' has become our standard response of late. We complain, we feel yucky, confused and down; we just want it all to stop. When suddenly things culminate into an unanticipated answer. What we took as mistake after mistake, chaos and random u-turns, has proven to be God at work. Genesis 50:20 MSG "Don’t you see, you planned evil against me but God used those same plans for my good, as you see all around you right now—life for many people." Joseph went through some tough times. One day he was the favored son and the next day he found himself in a pit. He was mistreated, sold into slavery, falsely accused, imprisoned and then he appears to be forgotten. Not weeks, or even months, but years and years of the pit life. Through it all, he didn't give up or give in. When suddenly, boom! All was made clear. Protection. God's hand of protection was all over his life. This happened in my friend's life recently. She's been having car trouble. Issue after issue with no end in sight. The car is too much to fix and not running well enough to trade. She's driving around in a borrowed pickup truck when boom! An accident that seems to be the crowning achievement that wraps up weeks of bad luck. A second look reveals the true story of God's handiwork. Her original vehicle was little. An itty bitty car, with a tricky disposition, that got her from point A to point B. Let's just say, it had seen better days. In comes the truck. Big Red is a macho machine with outstanding performance. Power and strength is the key that makes Big Red run. Boom! The accident happens and yes, there were minor injuries and some body damage ... But for God! But for God, because where the itty bitty car would have caved in and collapsed, Big Red protected and preserved. What had looked like a mountain of trouble, without an end in sight, ended up as providential and full of God's grace. When things look bleak and cloudy, and we can't see our next step, we need to remind ourselves that we are surrounded by God's presence. We can always count on God. Even when we have trouble seeing the possibilities or any potential at all, God's hand of protection is already there. There's always the possibility and the potential for a 'Big Red' kinda moment that's right around the next corner.

#GodsPresence #Trust #Hope #Hopeless


Deltona, FL, USA


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