• Gathered Under Grace


Luke 1:28 MSG "Upon entering, Gabriel greeted her: Good morning! You’re beautiful with God’s beauty, Beautiful inside and out! God be with you." What a greeting Mary received from Gabriel. 'You’re beautiful with God’s beauty, Beautiful inside and out!' Mary. A young woman, unaware that God had selected her to mother His only son. A young woman who was innocently looking towards the future with delight. She had no concept of what an amazing journey, what an extraordinary adventure God had chosen for her. God's eye was upon her. He saw her as beautiful, inside and out. With God's own beauty. Gabriel gives a message from God, with what had to be, what must have been, a direct quote from our Heavenly Father. She is described as beautiful with God's own beauty. Other versions, our various different translations use other descriptive language ... Favored. Highly favored. Favored with grace. Blessed. Beautiful with God's own beauty. With this greeting Mary, a young woman from a poor family, joins the ranks alongside Noah, Moses and David as favored and chosen for an extraordinary appointment. Blessed for a specific and special assignment as was Jael and Gideon. Words that imply a specific task that Mary has been selected for because of the beauty of her hearts attributes. Mary received encouragement and assurance that God would be with her as she journeyed. His love and guidance would direct her path. He will show her loving kindness and will be gracious towards her. Jesus encourages us in the same way today. Today, because of Jesus, each of us is afforded this same relationship with God. Because of Jesus, we too, are blessed and highly favored. We are also afforded direction and guidance, loving kindness and grace. We too, are beautiful with God's own beauty. All because of Jesus. We, as believers, are Holy Spirit approved and recommended, blessed, highly favored and beautiful with God's own beauty. All because of Jesus.

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