• Gathered Under Grace

Stop Talking

Exodus 14:14 MSG “God will fight the battle for you. And you? You keep your mouths shut!” This verse made me laugh out loud. We’ve all been there. Struggling to keep our mouths shut, because we know we really should. We feel it, and we know we should keep quiet. We realize that we ought to keep our thoughts to ourselves, but they want out so bad. It’s really hard to not say anything, when all we really want to do is blurt out our opinion. It’s tough. It’s a real bummer, but sometimes God just wants us to stop talking. Stop complaining, stop over simplifying, stop discussing, stop condoning, stop condemning, stop arguing, stop grumbling about whatever the situation is or isn’t. Just stop. Stop talking. He has a good reason. We might not see it, understand it or even agree with it, but when the Holy Spirit says no, He means NO! Stop talking. And that means we have to stop talking. Stop talking and pray. God’s on the move. When God’s going into battle for us, we need to get out of His way and keep quiet. Keep our mouths shut, stop talking and pray. Silently. (Yep. He made me laugh again. God has such a wonderful sense of humor.) 

#Wisdom #Adversity


Deltona, FL, USA


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