• Gathered Under Grace

Our Next Move

I was talking with a friend about burn out and waiting today. We can all have issues with these particular problem from time to time. We get into a groove, moving hither and yon, plates spinning in the air, and before we know it we are slap out of gas. Making sure we have all the bases covered can become burn out in the making. Help is only a few words away, yet we struggle to ask. That is until we hit that wall. Praying for the wisdom to ask for help, (even before we think we need it), is prudent and wise. Psalm‬ ‭130:5 ‭MSG‬‬ “I pray to GOD —my life a prayer— and wait for what he’ll say and do.” ‭‭ Then there are the times that know we are called to wait. We can become impatient and think that we must have missed something. We must remind ourselves that our timing isn’t God’s timing. Praying for the wisdom to recognize the voice of God, and waiting for what He'll say and do. This type of waiting should be seen as an opportunity for rest and restoration. Our lives a prayer, seeking God’s next move for our lives, while resting in His peace and grace.

#Waiting #Restoration #Listen


Deltona, FL, USA


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