• Gathered Under Grace


I looked up joy in the Bible and found that joy is revealed in numerous ways, in numerous books, and found in the Old and in the New Testament. The number of times God mentions joy is right up there with love. Obviously, joy is an important asset. One that we should hope to achieve. As a noun joy is defined as great exaltation and happiness. Joy is a feeling that encompasses the many variables of delight, exuberance, bliss, jubilation and glee. As a verb joy is defined as the act of rejoicing. Putting the noun definition, great happiness and exaltation, into action is joy as a verb. Rejoicing. Describing something or someone as joyful is a description of the action of joy. Joy. A well rounded word that is found in and through Jesus. Isaiah 12:3 NLT “With joy you will drink deeply from the fountain of salvation!” Our Joy is found in the well of salvation that is provided through Jesus. Drink deeply. Living water that supplies all we need. Wisdom and truth. Hope and patience. Prosperity and abundance. Love and joy. All that we need, everyday and in every way, Jesus supplies through the fountain of salvation. Drink deeply and Joyfully.

#Joy #Salvation #LivingWater


Deltona, FL, USA


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