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Hear and Listen

Many of us have recorded our voices for various reasons. We record ourselves to set up our voicemail greeting, to send a voice message to someone or just for fun and giggles. Isn’t it interesting that when we hear our own voices, it sounds like we must be hearing someone else’s voice. I remember the first time I recorded my own voice. We were in the elementary school and we had to record ourselves speaking our assigned parts of a story. I have to say it was really weird. I couldn’t understand how that voice could possibly be me. It sounded so foreign to how I hear my own voice. The same thing happened to my grandson today. He instantly turned the recording off, shouting ‘That’s not me. That’s someone else.’ Our ears are created to function primarily as receivers. Our ears are designed to be receptive to the sounds in our environment, except for those moments when we decide not to listen. We have the ability to choose to tune out those things that we aren’t interested in hearing. The drone of the refrigerator, the sounds of traffic, the music from another room, the hum of lights, the sound of our neighbors voices. We often tune out sounds that we aren’t even aware of hearing. Mark‬ ‭4:9‬ ‭NLT‬‬ “Then he said, “Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.” ‭‭ This is one instance that tuning in is definitely the better option. Hear and Listen. These terms are repeated over and over again throughout the Bible. As we listen and hear the Lord’s voice, we come to learn and understand more and more. We listen so we can hear, and we understand because we listen. Listening to and hearing the Lord’s Voice is important for God’s people. We should all strive to come to a place that we easily recognize His Voice, as easily as we don’t recognize our own. Tune in and hear what the Lord is talking to you about. Listen and hear the sound of His Voice over all the other noises.

#Listen #Understand


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