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Good Medicine

Funny things happen to us most every day. At least they do when we choose to look at them that way. Let me share the funny thing that happened to me today. I was getting gas for my car at a new place, so I was unfamiliar with the set up at this particular establishment. There was a screen with instructions for the customer to read and follow. I followed the first set of instructions by placing my card in the appropriate slot. I followed step number two by removing my card from said slot. Step three, however, gave me some trouble. Get ready to laugh. Here it comes. The instructions read:

             Enter pin when finished 

              Hit enter 

Okay, so most of you read that the way it was intended. Not me though. (oh my gosh!) I thought it was weird that they wanted me to ‘finish’ pumping my gas before I had completed my credit card information. Oh well, whatever. <SIGH> I figured; new place, new process. I went ahead and attempted to follow the instructions as I read them, yet as you can imagine the purchase was cancelled. (Ok. Go ahead ... laugh our loud) I got a bit frustrated as I started over. (Are you still laughing?) As I reached step three, I began laughing myself. What started as a giggle turned into a full blown, big giant, belly laugh. Commas are important people (wink wink giggle giggle, LOL). Proverbs‬ ‭17:22‬ ‭NLT‬‬ “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” Laughter is good medicine, especially when we can laugh at ourselves. Good grief, I laughed so hard the attendant came walking over to see if I needed assistance (surreal, yet true). In my mind, I placed a comma where it wasn’t intended. Enter pin and when finished (as in when you’ve finished pumping your gas ... ha ha ha), hit enter. It was completely unintentional, yet it sure did make me laugh. Now, it could have gone another way. I could have thrown a hissy fit and made a scene (I actually saw that happen at my next stop <sigh>), but instead, I chose to laugh. Joy is definitely the better choice. Joy comes over us in moments when we least expect them, so we might as well enjoy them. Laughter is good medicine; good for our minds, bodies and spirits. Take a joyful spoonful of laughter everyday! 

Good Medicine

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