• Gathered Under Grace

Day Two

Day two was full of doubt, fear, confusion and frustration. Joseph of Arimathea ended his Friday by carrying and caring for the dead body of Jesus. The disciples and followers of Jesus, quickly and quietly, go into hiding. What questions they all must have asked as Friday became Saturday. What happened? He wasn’t supposed to die. Tears were flowing. Frustration was mounting and they probably thought that their anger was justified. It was a dark day indeed. There they were, hiding behind locked doors. Lights turned down low. Whispers, tears, questions and moans are quietly voiced, making as little noise as possible. Hiding in fear. What happens next? What’s going on? This isn’t the way this was supposed to happen. Questions. Doubt. Fear. Anger. Confusion. Day one was so very hard, but day two must have felt like the worst day of their lives.

Whatever Jesus was doing on Saturday, God’s plan and purpose was being fulfilled. Jesus, Himself, told the guy who was crucified beside Him, that he would be with Him that day in paradise. Present with God.

Luke‬ ‭23:43‬ ‭NLT‬‬ “And Jesus replied, “I assure you, today you will be with me in paradise.” Day two was Saturday and it was also the Sabbath. The Sabbath. A day of rest. Resting. Shabbat. Resting with God. Day two rested upon God. Day two was necessary for the working out of our complete restoration. Our own day two’s may find us in similar situations. Day twos that follow bad news, bad reports or bad outcomes. Our own day twos may be full of similar questions. What happens next questions that are full of these same emotions. Doubt, fear, anger and confusion. Emotions that leave only questions. What we know about day two is that it culminates in restoration. We know that day two is all about being in God’s presence. We know that day two is where faith is found, because day two is the day we discover hope.

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