• Gathered Under Grace

A Piece of Peace

The peace of God was the topic of a recent round table discussion. The discussion centered on the impact of emotional confusion and concerns that rob us of our peace. When things are feeling out of control how do we find God’s peace?  

Philippians‬ ‭4:7‬ ‭NLT‬‬ “Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” ‭‭ This verse speaks to the knowledge of God’s peace. It tells us that the peace of God surpasses our own understanding. It teaches us that the peace of God quiets our fears. It tells us that the peace of God strengthen our hearts resolve. This verse says quite clearly that the peace of God give us peace. How do we find God’s peace when we are struggling within bouts of our own restless emotions? As the conversation of our emotional responses to situations continued, it became clear that God always sends us the potential for peace within every one of our situations. That positive moment, every unanticipated positive possibility, each one is a little piece of God’s peace. Every single positive moment is a simple piece of God’s peace. This little piece, that positive moment right there, this is where you find God’s peace. Hold onto it. Let it grow within you. Cling tightly to His faithfulness and you will discover His peace in every situation. 

No single detail is too small or too inconsequential to be dismissed as the impetus for God’s peace. It’s always there. Look for it, find it and hold tightly to it. God’s piece, even the tiniest of positive nuggets, has the ability to catapult us out of our negative emotional response and right into the lap of His peace. There is always a piece of God’s peace waiting for us, we just have to take the time to look for it.  



Deltona, FL, USA


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