• Gathered Under Grace

When Trouble Comes

Trouble. Trouble is that thing that causes us difficulty or distress. Troubles come upon us from all kinds of unexpected places. Little troubles and big troubles. Occasionally it may even appear to be a ginormous trouble. Whatever the situation, when trouble comes, we generally begin by struggling against the situation. We tie ourselves up in knots trying to reconcile our way out of the trouble. Jonah 2:2 MSG He prayed: “In trouble, deep trouble, I prayed to God. He answered me.” Jonah found himself in what, at the time, he considered the worst kind of trouble. Jonah decided to do what many do in times of difficulty. He ran. He ran hard and fast against what he considered a difficult and distressful situation. He ran right into finding himself in an even more distressful situation; that is if you wanna call getting tossed into the sea and swallowed by a giant fish distressful. It’s all about what Jonah decided to do when he couldn’t run anymore. When Jonah finally stopped running, He prayed. He called out to God. God heard his prayer and He answered him. When we stop running around, struggling to find a way out, and call on God, He hears us and He answers. He hears, He listens and He understands. God is the very best solution for every difficult and distressful situation. Call on God; He will hear you and He will answer.  

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Deltona, FL, USA


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