• Gathered Under Grace

Doors Are Interesting

Doors are interesting. I have an personal affinity for doors. I take pictures of them. A lot. Doors are very different all the world over and throughout time. Some doors are closed and some doors are open, depending. Some doors are set up as a fortress, yet others doors are fabricated to be easily opened at the top. Some are tall, deep and wide, while some are slender and awkward. Some doors are always open and some doors have very sound locks. There are doors that beckon us to enter, while other doors cause us to retreat quickly. Some doors are beautiful to look at, but only when they’re closed. Isaiah 22:22 MSG “I'll give him the key of the Davidic heritage. He'll have the run of the place - open any door and keep it open, lock any door and keep it locked.” Jesus tells us that He is the only door for us (John 10:9). Open doors and closed doors are for a purpose; protection and provision. Sometimes we are purposefully called to stand in the hallway and wait. Yes, waiting can be hard, but attempting to bust through a closed door will only lead to chaos. Cracked open doors may give us a glimpse into the new things to come, but we are still not supposed to head through that door until God throws it open wide. Wide open doors may come with their own set of tribulations, but when we go through them, we are assured of God’s presence and provision. Doors remind us that God has a plan and a purpose for us. God’s plan is a very good plan and, hallelujah, Jesus is our door to that plan. Doors are interesting. Yes indeed. 

#Journey #Provision


Deltona, FL, USA


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