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A Daily Walk in Devotion

Recently, I was going through the mail, as most of us do on a regular basis. Tossing the junk mail aside to be thrown away properly and stacking the important mail to be opened and dealt with as needed. One of the items of mail that I received was a reminder. It was for my grandfather. My Papa went to Glory in 1997. It’s 2018. Twenty-one years later and he received a renewal offer from a recurring devotional magazine. It made me giggle and laugh out loud. As I shared it with my family, we discussed, in amazement, how many years had gone by, yet my grandfather was still on their mailing list. Due to his current residence in Heaven, we enjoyed some additional giggles over the forwarding address issues that would be involved. It was lovely, it was funny and it was poignant. Yep. My Papa and my Granny enjoyed reading their devotionals. Inspiring me to read them too. There were always stories that made us laugh, and some that made us cry and then there were the ones that made us contemplate our choices. Devotionals help us read and study the Bible. The reason we read the Word is to learn, the reason we learn is to grow, and the reason we grow is to mature. Matthew‬ ‭11:30‬ ‭NLT‬‬ “For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.” It was, and devotionals still are, a great way to start (start, finish or whatever time in between) the day. Today many of us choose an online version, but whether it’s hard copy or digital, choosing which ever works best for our lives is relatively easy. Developing a great way to have a real relationship with Jesus is the most productive thing we can do in our daily lives. After all, while our lives may be here on earth; our hope is in our assurance of Heaven through Jesus Christ. Faith, it’s a daily walk in devotion.

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