• Gathered Under Grace

Swings, Spiders and Champions

We all have moments in our life when we perceive that we need saving from something. Something that we think is out to get us or that we can’t necessarily handle on our own. As my grandson ran into the house in a panic, I was sure it was going to be a quarrel with his brother or something similar. He began his first attempts to verbalize his problem by asking for my husband, who wasn’t currently home. As I attempted to reassure him, I was suddenly struck by the possibility that the problem was a snake. I don’t like snakes. I’ll deal with them, if I must, but ... ehh ... I’d rather not. Luckily for me, it was a spider. He wasn’t so sure. This wasn’t just any spider, but a ‘giant’ spider. It was on his swing and he needed help. I reassured him that I was up for the challenge, no problem. He grabbed my hand, and the fly swatter (of all things), and off we ran. He had his champion and he knew the problem was going to be handled. Psalm 118:7 MSG “God's my strong champion; I flick off my enemies like flies.” As I read this verse, I was struck by the similarities to today’s situation. The need for a champion and the flies reference were just so very similar. I smiled as I heard God’s smile too. It’s amazing how life’s obstacles are portrayed and explored in such detail and depth throughout the scriptures. Whatever our issue; big, small or as huge as a giant spider, God’s got our back. We can find a verse that meets our faith right where we find ourselves. Obstacles are opportunities for us to depend on God’s provision. Be assured in the knowledge that God is right there, so we just need to grab His hand and go for the victory. Whatever obstacle we encounter, we can count on God to be our champion. The ending to our spider story was simple. The spider had moved on by the time we returned, so we spent some time together on the swing. FYI - swings are great spots for conversations and spending time with our ABBA Father too. <smile>

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