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Shifting Our Gaze

Perspective was a topic of conversation recently. How do we change our perspective? We simply shift our gaze. That is an easy thing to say and a hard thing to do. Perspective is the way we see something; a point-of-view on a situation or topic; the way we see something depending upon how far away from it we are. When we are going through a battle our perspective can become so misaligned that we only see what is happening in the whirlwind that surrounds us. There is no bigger picture. There is no perspective. When we are struggling, fighting and straining, the battle takes precedence. As the winds die down and the dust begins to settle, we can begin to look at the outcome. Our shift in perspective allows us to see the realization that, perhaps, the battle itself was not meant to bring us pain, but to bring an end to pain; to usher in a new season of change. Psalm 51:10 MSG “God, make a fresh start in me, shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life.” Change is coming because of Jesus, because with Jesus there is hope, there is light, and there are new beginnings. Because of Jesus there is a way to change our perspective. Ask God to reveal the right perspective for your life. When we seek God, we can change the way we think. With the Holy Spirit’s help we can shift the way we’ve seen things, shift the way we see ourselves, shift our perspective; and we can change our lives. A shift in our perspective can become one of the biggest benefits and transformative concepts that can happen in our lives. Shifting our gaze to Jesus, means our perspective is bound to be better.

#Perspective #Jesus


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