• Gathered Under Grace

The End Results

Preparation is always the hardest part of any project. As I was caulking and mudding and patching holes, my friend made my day when he said I should have called you first. You see, he’d been struggling with an irritating wall patch issue in preparation of painting. He was definitely not having a good time and I was able to come in and patch that thing in no time flat. I happen to enjoy revamping and remodeling stuff, so I have gotten handy with the tools of the trade. Caulk, paint, mud and all their buddies are my friends. Although ‘my friends’ and I may not utilize all the ‘proper techniques’, we manage to get the job done. Preparation may take a couple of coats of mud, or glue or caulk or ... you get the idea; it usually takes some elbow grease and a little bit of ingenuity, but the end results are worth the time and effort. Especially when the big day comes and we get to see the end results take shape before our eyes.

1 Corinthians 10:24 MSG “But the point is not to just get by. We want to live well, but our foremost efforts should be to help others live well.” The big day was yesterday. Up and down a ladder we went, as we helped paint not one, but two rooms, and the end result was outstanding. Today my legs are a tired, mushy, achy mess, but I’m also thankful. Thankful that I had something to offer that helped others. Thankful that as we go through life we can reach out to one another for help. Thankful that with all that we have to do in our busy, busy lives, we can still do life together. Thankful means that today, and everyday, is a blessing to be shared; the end results are worth every minute.

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Deltona, FL, USA


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