• Gathered Under Grace

Our Center and True North

Romans 15:5 MSG “God wants the combination of his steady, constant calling and warm, personal counsel in Scripture to come to characterize us, keeping us alert for whatever he will do next.” God wants a combination of steady, constant calling and warm personal counsel as part of our character makeup. Steady means unfaltering and dependable; steadfast and trustworthy. Steadily maneuvering through the trouble and the difficulties of life, (even if the world seems to be spinning out of control) leaning on Jesus for direction. Offering warm and personable counsel that is kind, generous and thoughtful; gentle, loving and joyful even when delivering criticism or while under pressure ourselves. Remaining aware and present about the details, the potential and the possibilities, while staying alert to the presence and leading of the Holy Spirit. Our attitudes, the way we treat others (and even ourselves), is on display to the world every day. Our goal should be to mirror the attitude of Jesus, as we continue to grow and journey with Him; our attitudes reflecting His characteristics in our lives. I learned awhile back that the markings on a compass are called the Rose markings. I find it so amazing (God is so good) that Jesus is also known as the Rose of Sharon, since He is the one that guides and directs our paths on our life’s journey. Jesus is our center and our true north. The more we know Jesus and about Jesus, the more we will recognize our own need for adjustments. The more we recognize that need, the more we are able to learn to adjust our attitudes, as the Holy Spirit guides us in our day to day. He adjusts as needed, and we change and transform, and all the while we are growing and maturing as believers, our temperament and our attitudes demonstrating our belief system to the world. As we grow, and as we learn to lean in and adjust as needed, we will also become a reflection of the presence of Jesus in our hearts and our lives; our center and our true north.



Deltona, FL, USA


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