• Gathered Under Grace

Jesus and a Cup of Joe

Each morning we wake up and we start our day. I don’t know about you, but I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. I roll out of bed on the second or third alarm (sometimes it’s the 5th or 6th one <cheesy grin>), and I stumble into the kitchen and wait impatiently for the coffee pot to make my coffee. As soon as I have that cup of awesomeness in my hand, I sit. I sit for a while. I sit by myself and I start to wake up. As I sit there, I talk to Jesus about my coming day. I don’t want to talk to other people about anything. I just want to sit there for a while with my coffee and Jesus. My mornings normally begin with this 30 minute stillness appointment. I will set my alarm earlier than needed, just so that I get this half hour of uninterrupted stillness; just me, Jesus and my cup of joe. Ephesians 1: 17-19 MSG "I ask—ask the God of our Master, Jesus Christ, the God of glory—to make you intelligent and discerning in knowing him personally, your eyes focused and clear, so that you can see exactly what it is he is calling you to do, grasp the immensity of this glorious way of life he has for his followers, oh, the utter extravagance of his work in us who trust him—endless energy, boundless strength!" My morning conversation usually starts out with something like this verse (it’s one of my favorites). Good morning Jesus. Wow look at this day. Ok. What kind of day do we have today, as I look at my calendar. I go through the agenda and ask for His help to function well throughout all the day’s events. Help to make good choices. Help to process everything with intelligence and discernment and to hear and respond His voice. Help to be willing to complete all the tasks that He has for me today. Help to stay on track and to utilize my energy wisely. Help to overcome my frustrations with ease and to be content with my life. Help to be kind and considerate with others. Help to speak with words that are focused and centered on His will. Then I ask Jesus what He thinks about today, and I listen. Truthfully, I probably stop and listen fairly frequently throughout this process. I’m not all the way awake yet, and my brain hasn’t really started working well, so I need the extra time to listen and to speak and to hear. That’s me, and Jesus and my cup of joe starting out the day. How do you start your day?



Deltona, FL, USA


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