• Gathered Under Grace


Matthew 5:39 AMP

“But I say to you, do not resist an evil person [who insults you or violates your rights]; but whoever slaps you on the right cheek, turn the other toward him also [simply ignore insignificant insults or trivial losses and do not bother to retaliate—maintain your dignity, your self-respect, your poise].”

We have all seen this verse or at least heard about it at some time in our lives. ‘Turn the other cheek’ sounds so self explanatory that it doesn’t need any other teaching, but ... it really does. Jesus was specifically teaching about legal issues of the times, and He was also talking about the issues and concerns that we have within our lives today.

Don’t let anybody get the best of us, isn’t quite what Jesus was talking about, but allowing a bully to take advantage of us isn’t what He was talking about either. As with most things it’s somewhere in the middle. What He is talking about here is about our response. We aren’t supposed to respond in kind, but with more poise, with more dignity and all the while maintaining our self respect.

Our response to hatred should be not to seek revenge but to be a light in the darkness. Our response to discord shouldn’t be to add to the noise, but to calm the situation. Our response to unfavorable circumstances should be to attempt to make a positive impact on the situation. Our response to any unwelcome situation should always be tempered with His love and grace. Our responses should always reflect Christ’s impact on our lives, that place that we know of as grace.

Grace. Grace isn’t just a gift for us, but a gift for those who come against us too. Loving our enemies, means that we respond to the things that require a response with poise, dignity and self respect. Turning the other cheek doesn’t mean we do nothing, it means that what we choose to do is done without an eye on revenge, but with all the grace we can muster.


Deltona, FL, USA


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