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Life. It’s what happens when we are walking around above ground. Some days are better than others and some days are harder than others. Some people are easy to interact with and some people are not so easy to interact with, including us. That’s life. It is all part of living our lives on this side of heaven.

Colossians‬ ‭4:2 MSG‬‬

“Pray diligently. Stay alert, with your eyes wide open in gratitude.”

Pray diligently. Diligence is one of those words that invokes visions of work; hard, tiring, unending work. Like diligently cleaning during a pandemic. <cheesy grin> Doing something with diligence means to do something thoroughly and well; which is the opposite of doing it lazily or incompletely. If we are enthusiastic, if we attend to what is needed (not just what is necessary - there’s a difference you know) and do it all with thoughtfulness, then we are doing things with diligence.

We don’t think when we are cleaning ... well ... I don’t think when I’m cleaning ... I just clean. Hopefully we know and understand what cleaning is; we spray, we wipe, we dust, we sweep and we put all of the remains in the trash. We stand back and we look to see if we missed anything. If needed, we go back and get what we missed, and then we move on. We know how to clean, so we do it. Routinely.

Prayer is like that. Hopefully we all understand that prayer is a conversation with God. We talk, we listen, we watch and then we do. We take a minute (or three or seven) to make sure we didn’t miss anything, we say thank you and we move on to the next thing. Then we do it over, again and again and again. All day long. Every day. When we pray diligently it becomes part of our life; one of the very best parts. When we make prayer part of our life, everything else falls into place.


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