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The Best Day Ever

What is your idea of your best day ever? As I was talking with my grandsons today, they were excitedly talking about the most special-est day they had just spend with my husband. An ‘all guys day’ that they described as ‘the best day ever’. Lots of smiles and laughter with enthusiastic descriptive thoughts about all the exploring adventures they had completed as they excitedly described their best day ever.

As I was reading through the Psalm’s today, I ran across Psalm 84. I immediately began singing a song most of know by heart. ‘Better Is One Day in Your Courts’ begins with these very words. Psalm 84:1 NIV

“How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty!”

The author put the words of this Psalm to song (that would be the lyrics <grin> ) in a way that we could all grasp the intent of this Psalmist. Although the author of Psalm 84 is unknown, we can feel their hearts desire as we sing. Better is One Day. Better than our very best day ever is ONE DAY in the courts of the Lord God Almighty.

Psalm 84:10a NIV

“Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.”

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