• Gathered Under Grace

The Truth

Divisions. Disagreements. Dissidents. Distrust. Disappointment. Splits between peoples and groups or beliefs are things that can ramp up our feelings. Peter, is the disciple that confounds some of us. He made mistakes, misjudged situations, and it seemed like trouble followed him wherever he went. Some of us associate Peter with all of those situations and hold him up as the kind of guy not to emulate. However, some of us identify with him, the ‘regular guy’ with issues. A person who is doing his best to be his best self and sometimes he still had things to learn. Jesus saw Peter as the Rock and Jesus loved Peter; warts and all. Peter belonged to Jesus.

Galatians‬ ‭3:28‬ ‭EASY‬‬

“It does not matter whether you are a Jew or a Gentile. It does not matter whether you are a slave or a free person. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman. You all belong together because you all belong to Christ Jesus.”

Peter headed out to meet the Gentiles and teach them about Jesus. He joined the Gentiles where they were and lead them to Jesus. He was doing everything he could and he was making great headway, when his ‘friends’ told him he was doing it all wrong. He was intimidated and allowed the opinions of others to override the truth that he knew in his heart, that is until he was reminded that we all belong to Jesus.

We, the children of God, are all just that; children. We grow, we make mistakes, and we grow some more. We make good choices and we make bad choices and we make amazingly bad choices and we make amazingly great choices and we grow some more. We allow other people’s opinions to impact our lives and we grow and we find ourselves standing up for our own ideals and beliefs. Sometimes we are toddlers having cranky tantrums and sometimes we are the leader of the pack. We might find ourselves influenced by others, influenced by our society and then we grow again and then we adjust our attitudes and then we grow again. Sometimes we are just wrong and sometimes we are gonna be right.

We are all people doing our best to be our best selves. We all belong to Jesus Christ and that is the thing that we ALL have in common. As believers we are all gonna meet people who have different ideals than we might have, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves of the truth. The truth is that we ALL belong to Jesus and that makes us family.


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