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Long Black Train

November 20, 2016

Josh Turner's version of 'Long Black Train' is one of the songs we played today at my sister's memorial service.   She loved this song.  I had never heard it before, but I am drawn to the lyrics of the chorus especially.  


'Cause there's Victory in the Lord I say
Victory in the Lord
Cling to the Father and His Holy Name

 And don't go riding on that long black train


This song is about the choices we can make.  Choices that can send us on a trip to no where or we can choose to look to the Lord and have Victory.  Victory means to conquer, to overcome.  Conquer and overcome what?  Hell and total destruction.  If we don't choose Jesus, we are choosing Hell.  


1 Corinthians 15:57  NIV

"But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."


This verse, and I believe the words of this song, are talking about overcoming sin, death and its ultimate total destruction.  Death and hell are overcome as soon as we believe in Jesus. Immediately.  Boom!  Victory!  


Jesus took on all of our sin that day on the Cross.  He took on all our mistakes, our bad choices, our sin.  Everything.  Every single thing.  All of it.  He took it upon Himself.  I struggle to even imagine the weight and the pain of that.  Mine, yours, all the people before us and all the people after us.  All of it.  I am overwhelmed at the thought and its' result.


Because of Jesus and His choices we have overcome death.  He gave the ultimate sacrifice.  His choices were for us.  He was thinking about you that day. He was thinking about me that day.  His choice was for our gain.  Our Victory over death, hell and total destruction.


Today we can turn away from that long black train to no where.  We can grab a ticket to heaven and Victory in the Lord.  Yes, there IS victory in the Lord.  Cling to the Father and His Holy Name.  Don't go riding on the long black train.  



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