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Waiting is Hard

December 9, 2016

"That's what I feel today, but my feelings might change tomorrow." I was sitting with a friend recently discussing the direction of some changes that are happening in my life when this sentence came tumbling out of my mouth. Waiting is hard. So very true and yet one of the hardest lessons to learn. (Ranks right up there with the big one - the dreaded NO!)

There have been times in my life, that in the rush to make a decision, I went with my feelings. That usually doesn't turn out the way that I'd anticipated. Learning to wait is hard. (Didn't I say that already?). We have to mature spiritually to the place of waiting. Waiting means there is always time for prayer. There is time to talk it over with God and time to consider the consequences of our decisions. There is time to know the urging of the Holy Spirit. Taking the time to decide based on God's will, rather than on our own will, is so much better in the long run. 


When there are options.  Wait!  If no one thing is standing out as 'the one thing'. Wait!  Although you might feel a certain way about your options, but don't know for sure yet. Wait! If you don't have the confidence to make the decision. Wait!

(I am not talking about fear here. Don't let fear take over!)


Pray and Wait! Wait for what He'll say and do. Pray! And Wait!

Psalm 130:5 MSG
"I pray to God—my life a prayer— and wait for what he’ll say and do."




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