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Family Resemblance

February 11, 2017

The other day I was sitting at a traffic light, and musing, as we do while sitting at lights. As I was sitting there I realized that I was gnawing on my ring, just like my Mother used to do. It happened to be my Momma's ring too. It made me smile. Even as I was sitting sit, doing nothing, I was like my Momma.


A few days later, my sisters and I got together to celebrate my eldest sister's birthday. We took a picture of her to commemorate the occasion. As soon as she took the picture, my youngest sister said with surprise, "How did Mom get in there?" We laughed and enjoyed the moment comparing the similarities. My older sister commented that I took after my Mom in her younger years and she's taking after her in her older years. Again, the smile and joy at the thought of the similarities.


As family, we see bits and pieces of our own family in each other. The way my brother smiles and cares for his community; just like my dad and my grandmother. The way my sister stays connected to family events and concerns; just like my mother. The wit of my little sister is so much like my grandfather, it can surprise me. My brothers big laugh, my sisters features, the family resemble is uncanny sometimes.


As children, we grow up wanting to be like the best parts of our parents and grandparents.  As I was contemplating these moments, it brought this verse to my mind.


Ephesians 5:1 NLT

"Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children."


As we grow up as believers, we should also strive to be like our Heavenly Father in every aspect of our lives. Imitate Christ so that it is obvious to others that we have so much in common with Him. Surprise others with your Jesus-like characteristics at special moments. I really hope that we each become so much like our Father that we, each of us individually, will have and notice special moments of being like Him.


I pray that we each grow so that our Heavenly Father's characteristics become more and more apparent to ourselves and to others. Yes, may we all imitate God, because we are His dear children. 




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